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Frequently Asked Questions

How can Steps for Today help me in my daily life?

Steps For Today® can provide strategies for organizing and managing household data, properties, finances, and life in general. Steps For Today® began with one simple thought. How can we share the lessons learned from our most difficult seasons of life.

What is the goal of Steps for Today?

Steps For Today® provides techniques for streamlining household, life, data and time management. With this in mind, we extend this knowledge to help people prepare for the challenges facing them, and their loved ones, during the many stages of life. Now what do I do? Who do I call for this?

What is the job of the people at STEPS?

At STEPS, we believe in the dignity and worth of every person. Our job is to locate hindrances, physical or otherwise, that stand between an individual and their success, and help them to rectify those hindrances however possible. STEPS not only looks at the immediate needs of the individual or family, but also at their long term well-being.

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