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Frequently Asked Questions

What is storestorelink?

StoreLink nasce dal mondo dello storage, backup, gestione dati e sicurezza informatica. Parlano per noi le tante attività e progetti di successo su clienti importanti in ambito Nazionale.

What is storelynk and how does it work?

StoreLynk is a cloud-based analytics platform that simplifies the integration of sensors, IoT equipment and mobile data and transforms that data into standardized actions and procedures. StoreLynk has proven to help restaurants and food vendors improve food safety, food quality, & store operations.

Is the storelink name copyrighted in Italy?

The StoreLinkname is used under copyright from StoreLink Srlin the Italy and other countries. Багато позичальників хотіли б знати, де точно дадуть позикуі скоріше звернулися б до цієї організації.

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