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Frequently Asked Questions

What are syndication costs?

Syndication Costs. Costs of syndication include expenses incurred to market the syndication opportunity such as printing and design fees and the cost of advertising. Syndication fees might also include brokerage, registration and legal fees and the cost of training brokers or dealers who will be selling the purchase of the packaged syndication.

Is standard costing GAAP?

Standard cost is not an acceptable GAAP costing method, but it is used by many companies to analyze actual costs and performance. As a result, the variances have to be adjusted on the balance sheet and income statement in order to approximate the GAAP costing method officially adopted by the company.

Are syndication costs deductible?

General rule: Partnership organization and syndication expenses are not deductible when incurred. Organizational costs may be amortized over a period of not less than 60 months, if the partnership so elects. Syndication fees, under no circumstances, may be amortized or deducted.

Can startup costs be capitalized?

Can Startup Costs be Capitalized. Startup costs are mainly considered as the costs that are often associated with the implementation of a business, a project or a plan. These also represent the cost that is incurred throughout the realization of benefits from a business, a project or a plan.

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