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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there Rule 506 for real estate syndicate ppm?

This sample is for our Rule 506 (b) Real Estate Syndicate PPM and the Rule 506 (c) is basically the same but removes the language allowing non-accredited investors.

What are the different types of syndication deals?

With this in mind, the two most common types of syndications are entitlement deals and a diversified Single Family Fund (SFR). No matter what type of syndication deal you choose to invest in, the most important thing to consider is the quality of the person or group managing the project.

Which is the best investor portal for syndication?

Syndicators are switching from investor portals like IMS to SyndicationPro. SyndicationPro brings in the convenience of ACH Payments on the portal to allow you to make payments and profit distribution on the go.

What do syndications do for real estate investors?

At its core, a real estate syndication is a group investment. Investors come together to pool their resources, so that they can enjoy the benefits of investing in larger commercial or residential real estate deals.

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