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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a syndicated loan participation?

SYNDICATED LOAN AND LOAN PARTICIPATIONS. A loan participation involves a sharing or selling of ownership interests in a loan between two or more financial institutions. Normally, but not always, a lead bank originates the loan, closes the loan and then sells ownership interests to one or more participating banks.

What should be included in a participation and syndication agreement?

Consequently, your participation and syndication agreements must include appropriate transfer, consent and remedy language to be sure that the criteria of FAS 140 are observed.

What is best-efforts syndication?

A best-efforts syndication is where the loan arranger commits to part of the loan but seeks other lenders to share the burden. If additional subscribers are not found then the loan may not proceed or its terms may be changed to attract more lenders.

What are the advantages of loan syndication?

Loan syndication allows any one lender to provide a large loan while maintaining a more prudent and manageable credit exposure because the associated risks are shared with other lenders. Each lender's liability is limited to their respective share of the loan interest. Generally speaking,...

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