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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Tapo work?

Set up, manage, and control Tapo home security cameras, smart plugs, smart lighting, and more – all from the Tapo app. Tapo aims to help you live a smarter, easier, and more secure life. Quickly and easily connect and control all your devices from a single tap, no matter where you are! Organize your devices across Homes and Rooms with ease.

What is the TAPO care plan?

With the Tapo Care plan, all of your events are recorded and you can easily review them—anytime, anywhere—via the Tapo app. Recorded video is saved to the cloud for 30 days** for you to access at your convenience, regardless of camera status (even if the camera is unplugged or stolen).

What are the benefits of easy Tapo smart cameras?

Smart. Secure. Easy Tapo smart cameras do much more than traditional cameras. High resolution videos deliver crystal-clear images while smart motion detection and instant notifications make sure you never miss a thing. Two-way audio lets you communicate with your loved ones in real time.

What does Tapo stand for?

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