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Frequently Asked Questions

What are road rumble strips?

Transverse rumble strips are placed in the travel lanes where most if not all vehicles will cross them. They are used to alert the driver of an upcoming intersection, toll booth or similar hazard. They may cross the entire road from shoulder to shoulder, or they may only be in the wheel paths.

What are rumble strips?

Rumble strips are also known as audible lines, sleepy bumps, wake up calls, growlers, drift lines, waker-uppers and drunk bumps . Rumble strips are divided into transverse rumble strips, shoulder rumble strips, and centerline rumble strips, depending on how they are used.

What are raised rumble strips?

Rumble strips are series of indented or raised elements on the shoulder or centerline of roads & highways. They're designed to alert inattentive drivers by vibrating the vehicle and making a distinctive "rumbling" noise.

How are rumble strips made?

Milled rumble strips are made by a machine with a rotary cutting head, which creates a smooth, uniform, and consistent groove into the pavement. Autos and trucks make very different sounds on milled rumble strips. You can download and compare the sights and sounds in a video demonstration.

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