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Frequently Asked Questions

What album is temtemporary Secretary on?

Temporary Secretary is found on the album McCartney II [3 Bonus Tracks] . We do not have any tags for Temporary Secretary lyrics. Why not add your own?

What is the song Temporary Secretary by Paul McCartney about?

" Temporary Secretary " is a song by Paul McCartney, featured on his 1980 album McCartney II. In 2013, Rolling Stone ranked it the #36 all-time McCartney post- Beatles song, calling it a "cult favorite" and an "oddly catchy electro-pop nugget, about a slightly creepy-sounding guy looking to hire a temp."

What is the meaning of the song Secretary by the Bureau?

The song is written from the point of view of a fellow who just wants a disposable secretary, and he’s writing to a bureau to try and get one. I just like the idea. I just thought it was funny, you know, asking for a temporary secretary rather than a secretary. That sound on the track, which is like a space typewriter, is a sequence machine.

What is temporary secretary on SiIvaGunner?

"Temporary Secretary" started appearing on the SiIvaGunner since May 13, 2017, possibly influenced by the release of "ED REC 100". It's usually used in melody changes. Typically, only either the repeating synthesizer melody or the vocal melody is used. The original comment thread containing the "Jerry Temporary" comment.

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