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Frequently Asked Questions

Why was the 69th Regiment called the Fighting 69th?

The Fighting 69th (The Irish Brigade) (1851) A legendary Regiment formed in New York City initially as a State Militia unit. It served with distinction in every major campaign of the Civil War. Facing them in battle, Gen. Robert E. Lee was responsible for giving them their nickname when he referred to them as “That Fighting Sixty-Ninth.” They...

Who was the poet in the 69th Infantry?

The renowned poet Joyce Kilmer, a Sergeant in the 69th, was killed in action in France. His poem, written during the war, “Rouge Bouquet,” is read at funeral services for all members of the 69th. “The Fighting 69th” is portrayed in the 1940 movie of the same name.

When did the 69th Infantry Division leave home?

Until VE-day the 69th patrolled and policed its area. Occupation duties were given to the Division until it left for home and inactivation 7 September. Date Activated is the date the division was activated or inducted into federal service (national guard units).

Who was the 69th Brigade in the Civil War?

A photo by Matthew Brady, renowned photographer, of the men of the “Fighting Sixty-ninth” posed around a cannon. Bilby, Joseph G. Remember Fontenoy: The 69th New York and the Irish Brigade in the Civil War. Hightstown, NJ: Longstreet House, 1995. Corby, William and Kohl, Lawrence Frederick.

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