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Frequently Asked Questions

Where was the 69th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment located?

The 69th Pennsylvania monument at Gettysburg looking west. Pickett's Charge started at the trees in the distance and advanced directly toward the camera. The 69th Pennsylvania Infantry (originally raised as the 2nd California) was a volunteer regiment in the Union army during the American Civil War.

Who was the leader of the 68th Pennsylvania?

After Ball’s Bluff and the death of Col. Baker, the regiment was officially credited to its home state and its name was changed to the 68th Pennsylvania. The leader of the regiment was Colonel Joshua Thomas Owen, a 40 year-old lawyer and professor who had been born in Wales and served in the Pennsylvania legislature.

Who are the members of the 69th PVI?

Most of the officers and men of the 69th PVI were working class Irish immigrants who had recently arrived in the United States. Just a decade before the Civil War, the Irish in Philadelphia had been savagely attacked by an anti-immigrant mob, leaving many dead and several Catholic Churches burned.

Why was the 68th Infantry Regiment called the 69th?

The 68th had their regimental designation changed to the 69th in honor of the 69th New York Infantry . The 69th served in the Peninsula Campaign, during which it was complimented by Maj. Gen. Joseph Hooker for making “the first successful bayonet charge of the war.”

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