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Why did the people of Paris attack the Bastille?

Why did the French raid the Bastille? O n July 14, 1789 a Paris mob stormed the Bastille, in search of large quantities of arms and ammunition that they believed was stored at the fortress. Also, they hoped to free prisoners at the Bastille, as it was traditionally a fortress in which political prisoners were held.

What did the people of Paris want from the Bastille?

What did the mob of people want from the Bastille? They wanted weapons and gunpowder. ... Where was the Bastille located? Paris, France. After the peasants stormed the Bastille what did they say they were going to do with the prisoners? They were going to release the prisoners. ... What oath did the people take when they formed the national ...

Why did a Paris crowd storm in Bastille?

Why Did The French People Storm The Bastille Prison? On July 14, 1789, a crowd in Paris stormed the Bastille to pursue enormous amounts of weapons and ammunition claimed to be held inside the fortress. The people of France supported The National Assembly.

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