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Frequently Asked Questions

Why visit the Henry Ford Show?

Don’t miss your chance to spend this special weekend immersed in the moving stories of the early automotive era at America’s longest-running antique car show. Please Note: The Henry Ford continues to build back from the pandemic and grow its workforce.

Who is the host of the Henry Ford innovation podcast?

It is hosted by news correspondent and CBS Sunday Morning regular Mo Rocca. Each episode presents stories related to the process of innovation and also includes one story on The Henry Ford—its Archive of American Innovation, its unique visitor experiences and its unparalleled expertise.

Where can I see old Henry Ford cars?

The Henry Ford | 20900 Oakwood Blvd, Dearborn, MI | Map Maybe you can spot the car your old man picked your mom up in. America’s longest-running antique car show sports a collection of vehicles from the 1890s to 1932. You’ll learn a lot about their history through a series of talks with the owners and examining every square inch of their build.

When did the Ford Show Start and end?

The Ford Show. Jump to navigation Jump to search. The Ford Show (also known as The Ford Show, Starring Tennessee Ernie Ford and The Tennessee Ernie Ford Show) is an American variety program, starring singer and folk humorist Tennessee Ernie Ford, which aired on NBC on Thursday evenings from October 4, 1956, to June 29, 1961.

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