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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you spell ethereal?

ethe-re-al e-the-re-al ih-theer-ee-uh l Add phonetic spelling Meanings for ethereal The quality of being light or heavenly. Ethereal means extremely delicate and light in a way that seems not to be of this world Add a meaning Synonyms for ethereal gossamer delicate unreal most More Show more Synonyms Add synonyms Antonyms for ethereal tangible

What does etherial mean?

e•the•re•al (ɪˈθɪər i əl) adj. 1. light, airy, or tenuous. 2. extremely delicate or refined: ethereal beauty. 3. heavenly or celestial. 4. of or pertaining to the upper regions of space. 5. pertaining to, containing, or resembling ethyl ether. [1505–15; < Latin aethere(us)< Greek aithérios] e•the`re•al′i•ty, e•the′re•al•ness,n.

What is another word for ethereal?

The synonyms of “Ethereal” are: gossamer, celestial, supernal, aerial, aeriform, aery, airy, delicate, exquisite, dainty, elegant, graceful, beautiful, lovely, heavenly, spiritual, unearthly, elysian, sublime, divine, holy According to the Oxford Dictionary of English, “ethereal” as an adjective can have the following definitions:

What does ethereal being mean?

Ethereal Beings are entities that exist outside of our own realm while being capable of coexisting with it. They are also theorized to be composed of unordinary matter. While they are incorporeal, they are capable of interacting with and influencing the material realm that we exist in, travelling between it and their own realm (s).

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