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Frequently Asked Questions

When are 6-10 day forecasts issued?

6-10 Day outlooks are issued daily between 3pm & 4pm Eastern Time. All forecasts issued on weekends are completely automated while all weekday outlooks are modified by the forecaster.

Where is the National Weather Service located in the US?

US Dept of Commerce     National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration     National Weather Service     1325 East West Highway     Silver Spring, MD 20910     Page Author: NWS Internet Services Team Disclaimer Information Quality Credits Glossary Privacy Policy Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)

Where can I find weather forecasts for Northern California?

NOAA Graphical Forecast for Northern California National Digital Forecast Page. The starting point for graphical digital government weather forecasts. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's National Weather Service Site Map News Organization Search NWSAll NOAA

What is accuaccuweather's 5 day precipitation outlook?

AccuWeather's Forecast map provides a 5- Day Precipitation Outlook, providing you with a clearer picutre of the movement of storms around the country. This webpage was developed in conjunction with the Weather Forecast Office in Pendleton, Oregon (WFO PDT). Many thanks to the staff there for developing

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