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Frequently Asked Questions

Does tramadol contain aspirin or acetaminophin?

No, tramadol does not contain any acetaminophen. Tramadol is a painreliever that is prescribed by a doctor. Hydrocodone is one painreliever that does contain acetaminophen.

Can I take acetaminophen with tramadol?

Leg stretches can help if you can stand the pain, hot soaking bath and a massage if you have a spouse or Money for masseuse. Yes, you can take ibuprofen or acetominophen along with tramadol. In fact they make a formula called ultracet which is tramadol mixed with acetaminophen.

Does tramodol have aspirin or acteminophen in it?

No 50 mg tramadol does not contain Acetaminophen. There is a tramadol 37.5 mg that has acetaminophen in it. If the 50 mg had acetaminophen in it, your prescription would have had to read tramadol 50 mg/acetaminophen 325 mg.

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