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Frequently Asked Questions

Is this 2010 Toyota Corolla for sale?

This 2010 neatly used Toyota Corolla is available for sale.Engine is sound, Gear selects properly and AC is cooling.Contact070********* for more details No issue, buy and pimp to your taste, it comes with android and alloy rims... I promise you’ll enjoy the car for long time

How much is Toyota Corolla in Nigeria?

These are the questions that are frequently used by our customers. The Toyota Corolla price in Nigeria ranges from ₦600,000 to ₦20,500,000. Below is the price of Toyota Corolla in Nigeria according to some most popular model years. Which are the most affordable Toyota Corolla for sale in Nigeria?

Is this Toyota Corolla a good car?

This Toyota Corolla is sound and healthy everything is working fine just buy and drive with first body, untampered engine and swift manual gear 2010 clean inside out. Painted once . Ac. Chilling . Gear and engine in good condition...

What is the Toyota Corolla brand?

It is a series of compact and subcompact cars that have served the needs of users for decades. In July 2013, Toyota recorded a milestone with its Corolla brand reaching 40 million sales. Toyota has made rear-wheel, front-wheel, and even four-wheel drives over time.

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