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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose Trayce Bradford as Lieutenant Governor?

Trayce has been a dependable leader in local government for years and has proven herself to be capable of serving the great state of Texas and the people of Texas. I know as a Texan, I would sleep easier with Trayce Bradford as my Lieutenant Governor! - Jennifer Neese

Who is Trayce Bradford?

I endorse Trayce Bradford as a candidate for the office of Lt. Governor of Texas. She will not compromise on conservative issues. The question for this election is how much longer will Texas remain conservative. Under our current leadership, Texas is slowly slipping away. Trayce is the real deal and has no fear of man.

What is Trayce doing now?

She currently serves as the Eagle Forum National Issues Chair on Human Trafficking. Preparing for the 2013-2021 Texas legislative sessions, Trayce actively campaigned and developed relationships with many members in the Texas Senate and Texas House.

Who are the candidates for Lieutenant Governor of Texas?

Meet the candidates for Lt. Governor of Texas; Candidate Trayce Bradford, Candidate Dan Miller and Candidate Aaron Sorrells. This is the ninth candidate forum of the ten races that will be featured in the bunker.

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