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Frequently Asked Questions

How big is a trek 930 single track mountain bike?

13 inch/33 cm frame with new cross tires gently used in excellent conditionl Trek 930 Single Track Mountain Bike with Shimano STX components groupset and DX hub on front. All original components. The bike fast and smooth, maintenance and ready to ride. 19” frame size.

What happened to my Trek 930 after it was rebuilt?

This my Trek 930 I rebuilt last year. I bought the bike from a local bike shop and scrapped all the original components. The front fork was bent and was scrapped as well. Luckily the original paint was in good shaped and easily cleaned up with a little rubbing compound.

Is the 930 a good bike?

The 930 was a decent ride for the early 90s. I rode this thing all over CO and UT. It was originally geared a little too high for the long climbs in CO, but that was easy to fix. Over the first 5 seasons, I broke/wore_out nearly everything.

How good is the paint job on a trek 930 Mt Bike?

The paint is very clean, in very good condition, one of the nicer paint jobs on a bike that I've had.The foot pedal has a little rust, there may be a spot on the frame where the brake or shift Trek USA 930 mt bike.

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