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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of bike is the trek 930 single track?

TREK 930 single-track Steel Cro-Mo Gravel Mountain Bike 18" Medium Large $1 NR! Trek Singletrack 930 Mountain Bike Trek Singletrack 930 mountain bike. Medium frame (approximately 19.5" 21 speeds, 26" wheels, 30" standover ... more height. USA-made True Temper OX Comp II double-butted chromoly frame.

What happened to my Trek 930 after it was rebuilt?

This my Trek 930 I rebuilt last year. I bought the bike from a local bike shop and scrapped all the original components. The front fork was bent and was scrapped as well. Luckily the original paint was in good shaped and easily cleaned up with a little rubbing compound.

What kind of bike did Trek make in 1990?

It contains details on the three steel-framed road bikes that Trek made this year: models 330, 420 a nd 520. Pages 5 and 6 contain the specs for these bikes as well as those for the other road bikes Trek produced in 1990. Page 5 contains half of the specs for a particular bike. The specs for each bike are c ontinued on page 6.

What do you think about the Yamaha 930?

Made in USA frame, easy maintenance, light for steel frame. The 930 was a decent ride for the early 90s. I rode this thing all over CO and UT. It was originally geared a little too high for the long climbs in CO, but that was easy to fix.

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