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Frequently Asked Questions

What is my UCT email address?

Undergraduate, masters and doctoral students have a [email protected] email address. UCT retirees may choose to keep their UCT mailbox for life, while UCT graduates are automatically provisioned with a [email protected] email address.

How do I use the UCT network?

Connect to the UCT network, the Internet and WiFi. UCT uses multiple communication channels – such as voice, video, and instant messaging. If you’re travelling, or working from home or another location, use these tools to stay productive.

What is my myuct email address?

Your myUCT email address is an ‘email address for life’, meaning that it will still be available after you graduate (should you not graduate, you will not retain your email address). Your email address will change to [email protected] once you graduate. Sign in using your [email protected] and your password.

How do I contact the [email protected] service desk?

Need Help? Call the [email protected] Service Desk at 513-556-HELP (4357) option 2 or 866-397-3382 option 2.

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