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Frequently Asked Questions

What are some common Urdu words and their meanings in Hindi?

Words which seem unmistakably indigenous or derived from Sanskrit like चाय (Chai – Tea), सितार (Sitar), हिंदी (Hindi), जवाहर (Javaahar – Gem) and दोस्त (Dost – Friend) etc. are all loan words from other foreign languages! Some of the most important Urdu words which are used in Hindi are: Keep learning Hindi with us!

What is the difference between Urdu and Hindi?

Other major differences between Hindi and Urdu are that Hindi is written in a script called Devanagari with many words from Sanskrit while Urdu is written in a modified Arabic script with many words from Persian and Arabic.

What is the meaning of the Hindi/Urdu word Maddenazar or Madde?

“Madd" is a symbol placed over the letter “alif", the first alphabet of the Urdu script. It is written in order to indicate the “aa" sound. “Madd" is something which is placed at the top of a thing. Here, “madd-e-nazar" literally means “on top of the vision", which translates to “keeping in view" in English.

What is the meaning of the Urdu word Zindagani?

Zindagani means Life. It is an urdu word while jeevan is used in hindi for the same meaning. Meaning : Ghalib says that only some of his life is left now. He is at the last stage of his life.

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