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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I Manage my UMS user account?

Your UMS user account may also be referred to as your UMS ID. You can manage your UMS user account using the following links: Defer Account Deactivation - Complete this form if you have been notified your University of Maine System (UMS) user account is to be terminated and you have a reason to keep the user account.

What is UMS?

UMS User guide Product Description The UTelligent Management System ‘UMS’ is a networkable, environmental, monitoring and security product allowing you to monitor and control your IT cabinet to its fullest potential.

What is UMS in IBM Cloud Pak for automation?

New in 19.0.2 You can use the User Management Service (UMS) option to provide users of multiple applications with a single sign-on experience. You can use UMS to provide a common login page for IBM Cloud Pak for Automation apps that are enabled to delegate authentication to the service.

What is user management?

User management, in its simplest form, is the method by which you create, remove and maintain your user store. Any solution designed to serve multiple users must have some type of a user management system, be it a proprietary tool built into the product or a tie into an existing system such as Active Directory/LDAP, or another identity provider.

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