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Frequently Asked Questions

Why UW Credit Union?

"No matter what we need, or where we are in the world, UW Credit Union is there for us." UW Credit Union’s in-house team of engineers and developers create digital banking solutions designed for you. Explore innovative and intuitive ways to manage your money — anytime, anywhere.

How do I pay my UW Credit Union loan online?

1You have selected an online loan payment portal from UW Credit Union. To use this service, you will be redirected to an affiliated non-UW Credit Union site. This service is not coordinated with UW Credit Union’s online Web Branch system. If you are a current Web Branch user, we encourage you to log into your account to make loan payments.

What is UW Credit Union's phone number for mortgage questions?

For questions or concerns about mortgage payments, please call 866-912-4871. Get immediate answers to commonly asked questions. Q: What is UW Credit Union's routing number? A: Our routing/transit number is: 275979076. Q: How Can I Pay My Loan Online?

Where do I Mail my UAW credit card bill?

UW Credit Union PO Box 44963 Madison, WI 53744-4963 To pay your credit card bill, either log in to Web Branch or mail to the address above.

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