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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Vanguard have a municipal bond fund?

Vanguard fixed-income fund outperformers provide exposure to various bonds, such as long-term tax-exempt municipal bonds and high-yield tax-exempt bonds.

What is Vanguard total bond market index?

The Vanguard Total Bond Market Index is designed to provide broad exposure to U.S. investment-grade bonds. Reflecting this goal, the fund invests about 30% in corporate bonds and 70% in U.S ...

Does Vanguard sell bonds?

You can buy and sell almost any type of bond denominated in U.S. dollars through Vanguard Brokerage. Our bond selection is extensive, but you can narrow your choices according to criteria you specify. Understand the different bond types and their features before you trade. It's easy to research bonds online and then place your order.

Does Vanguard offer I bonds?

Vanguard offers a variety of bond and fixed-income funds that are well-suited for individual investors' needs. Among Vanguard's fixed-income offerings are VWAHX, VWEHX, and VWITX, which provide exposure to government and corporate bonds. The investment market is divided into a number of different categories.

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