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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Verdet constant?

The Verdet constant is a measure of the strength of the Faraday effect in a particular material, and a large Verdet constant indicates that the material has a strong Faraday effect and is more suitable for building an optical isolator since a short length of material can be used. The Verdet constant normally varies with wavelength and temperature.

What is verdeat and how does it work?

Verdeat improves the quality of air. Add a combination of green plants and healthy light and you get a therapeutic, mood-enhancing effect in any room Verdeat is placed in.

Who is Ilie Verdeț?

Ilie Verdeț s-a născut la data de 10 mai 1925 în colonia minieră din satul Șupan din fosta comună Comănești (astăzi oraș în județul Bacău ), în familia unui miner. Tatăl său a lucrat la minele de cărbune din Banat, din Valea Jiului și ulterior în bazinul carbonifer Comănești.

Is the Verdet constant a function of wavelength?

The Faraday effect is chromatic (i.e. it depends on wavelength) and therefore the Verdet constant is quite a strong function of wavelength. [5] [6] At 632.8 nm, the Verdet constant for TGG is reported to be −134 rad / ( T ·m), whereas at 1064 nm it falls to −40 rad/ (T·m). [7]

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