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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of jewelry does Verdura make?

Known for his early work with Coco Chanel, Verdura opened his own shop in New York in 1939. Characterized by large, boldly colored gemstones, and with a taste for gold settings and natural forms- such as animals, seashells and flowers- Verdura's designs never conformed to the trends of the time.

What makes Verdura so special?

Inspired by the richly hued mosaics and gold-encrusted treasures of the Byzantine Empire, Verdura set gems into gold, mixing precious and semi-precious stones in various colors and...

What is Verdura SOPA?

verdura sopa de verduras vegetable soup son unas verduras anaranjadas, largas y ... they're long, thin, orange vegetables frutas y verduras fruits and vegetables las frutas y verduras fruits and vegetables ensalada de verduras vegetable salad 11 more rows ...

What is Verdura’s collaboration with Coco Chanel?

Inspired by the original Maltese Cross Cuffs that Verdura designed for Chanel in the 1930s, the Black & White Fulco Cuffs were created for Verdura’s 80th Anniversary as a... Inspired by Verdura’s collaboration with Coco Chanel, the South Sea pearl “Y” Necklace reflects the jewelers casual treatment of pearls, intended to be worn – and...

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