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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most popular cat video?

Box-obsessed Maru is the most popular cat on YouTube, with 270+M views (Tweet this) Cat videos are celebrated with their own Internet Cat Video Film Festival (Tweet this) Legendary cat video star Keyboard Cat’s real name was Fatso – he died in 1997 (Tweet this).

How do cats make friends with other cats?

Domestic and feral cats are not automatically asocial (hostile to other cats) so within a colony of cats they may form close relationships and when cats become friends they show a range of friendly behaviors towards each other including touching noses, grooming each other, rubbing against each other, playing with each other and resting together.

What is the best cat food for outside cats?

CANIDAE is a 13-ounce grain free canned cat food that is suitable for both kittens and adult cats. With salmon as its base ingredient, this formula is nutritious. It is also very easy to digest, and lacks corn, soy, gluten, hormone, antibiotics, and fillers that can affect the health of your kitten negatively.

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