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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I watch Kids videos?

Kids can easily browse and watch videos at home, on the road, or anywhere with a mobile or WiFi connection. New full episodes come out every Friday from your favorite PBS KIDS shows. The app also includes features that parents can access through the Grownups tab:

Is YouTube good for kids?

Youtube is about as good/bad for kids as the internet is as a whole. It can be terrible if used without any supervision, but amazing if used to learn or watch wholesome entertainment.

Why do kids watch YouTube?

The most common reason kids watch Let’s Play videos is because they are entertaining. The entertainment value is not simply in the game itself but in the person who has made the video. Kids may be attracted to the charisma of a particular YouTuber and feel as if that person has become their friend.

What is educational video?

An educational video game is a video game that provides learning or training value to the player. Edutainment describes an intentional merger of video games and educational software into a single product (and could therefore also comprise more serious titles sometimes described under children's learning software).

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