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Frequently Asked Questions

Is visions a public school?

As a public school, Visions is funded by tax dollars. We offer unique programs including online high school, home school and various support services to meet the needs of all students: What Program Is Right For You? Visions In Education is a tuition-free public school that provides you maximum flexibility in your education.

What is visions training?

VISIONS serves participants in all boroughs of NYC, as well as Long Island, Westchester, the Lower Hudson Valley, and several counties in New Jersey. All legally blind and visually impaired persons sponsored by their state commission for the blind are eligible for residential short-term training at VISIONS Center on Blindness (VCB).

What are visions' digital banking terms of use?

Use of digital banking is covered under Visions' Digital Banking Terms of Use which contains important information regarding services obtained from Visions Federal Credit Union. Use of digital banking constitutes agreement with the terms and conditions of the aforementioned agreement and disclosure statements.

What are some examples of visions?

Examples 1 Vision of God in the first chapter of the Book of Ezekiel (6th century BC) 2 Vision of a heavenly figure "like a son of man " in Daniel 7:13 (6th century / 2nd century BC) 3 Post-resurrection appearances of Jesus 4 St Paul 's vision of Jesus on the road to Damascus (1st century) More items...

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