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Frequently Asked Questions

What does VSP stand for vision insurance?

VSP is one of the selected insurance carriers for the United States Office of Personnel Management (OPM), which services federal employees and their families; VSP stands for Vision Service Plan and does not cover dental plans as of 2014.

What does VSP Vision insurance cover?

VSP Vision Insurance. VSP is a vision insurance plan that covers routine eye exams, eye glass lens, eye glass frames and contact lenses. Let’s face it, buying any type of individual insurance is a real drag on the finances and monthly cash flow. Insurance is something you don’t want to use very often and when you do,...

What is the best vision insurance?

The best vision insurance typically covers important basic preventative vision care such as eye exams and other vision tests. It also covers frames, lenses, contacts, and protective lens coatings or light-sensitive lenses.

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