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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a watchlist?

These are names that an investor would be prepared to buy and own at the right price or with the right catalyst (a sign that growth has reignited, for instance). An investor or trader may create a watchlist of several, dozens, or even hundreds of trading instruments to make more informed investment decisions.

What are the best watchlist tools?

In terms of functionality, the most versatile watchlist tools come as part of a paid investment product. Worden’s TC2000, Wealth Lab, and Trade Ideas each offer large databases for paying customers.

What are curated watchlists?

Some trading platforms may offer curated watchlists, according to criteria that experts believe may be important to the platform's users. Using a stock screener, it is possible to create an automated watchlist focused on a specific metric, such as earnings or long-term performance.

What are watchlists in Microsoft Sentinel?

Watchlists in Microsoft Sentinel allow you to correlate data from a data source you provide with the events in your Microsoft Sentinel environment. For example, you might create a watchlist with a list of high-value assets, terminated employees, or service accounts in your environment.

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