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Frequently Asked Questions

How many properties does the Wayne County Land Bank own?

The Wayne County Land Bank actively maintains and secures over 1,000 properties in the community. If you know of a property that needs attention, please fill out a complaint form below.

How many land banks are in New York State?

There are now 26 land banks across the state working to proactively intervene and take control of abandoned properties. The New York Land Bank Association represents 22 member land banks across the state. ALBANY COUNTY LAND BANK CORP. BUFFALO ERIE NIAGARA LAND IMPROVEMENT CORP. CHAUTAUQUA COUNTY LAND BANK CORP. FINGER LAKES REGIONAL LAND BANK CORP.

Could you buy a land bank property in Albany?

ALBANY — The Albany County Land Bank is now working with a Syracuse-based organization to help city residents who can’t access traditional forms of financing and are interested in buying a land bank property.

What is an Land Bank?

Land banks are local public authorities, accountable to the units of government which created them, designed to acquire, stabilize, assemble, and facilitate the redevelopment of blighted and abandoned properties, in order for them to be returned to productive use.

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