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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the weather conditions in Houston Texas?

The climate of Houston is classified as humid subtropical, although it has a strong influence from the tropics. August normally ranks as the warmest month at 84.6 °F (29.2 °C) and January the coldest month at 53.1 °F (11.7 °C).

What is the weather like in Houston TX in January?

Guide to Houston weather in January. The average maximum daytime temperature in Houston in January is a comfortable 15°C (59°F). The average night-time temperature is usually a cold 6°C (43°F).

What are the Houston TV stations?

KTRK is a television station in Houston, TX that serves the Houston television market. The station runs programming from the ABC network and identifies itself as "ABC 13". KTRK is a digital full-power television station that operates with 32.4 kilowatts of power and is owned by ABC.

What is weather in Houston TX?

Houston Weather. Houston’s temperate climate sustains tropical vegetation and allows the city’s residents and visitors an enviable outdoor lifestyle. Houston averages only 18.0 days per year with temperatures of 32°F or less and 99.6 days with high temperatures of 90°F or more.

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