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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best weather radar sites?

© Provided by Honolulu KHNLForecast: More of the best weather on the planet ahead A reinforcing northwest swell will produce advisory level surf along north and west facing shores through Friday. This swell will peak late tonight into early Friday morning then steadily decline through Saturday.

What is the weather forecast with radar?

The radar will consistently emit a pulse of energy out into the atmosphere. If there is no precipitation, or just cloud cover out there the beam will go on forever and eventually disappears. If there is precipitation, the pulse of energy will come in contact with it.

What is the weather like in western North Carolina?

Western North Carolina Weather and Climate Information. Asheville, NC, WNC's largest city, has a mild climate year-round. At an elevation just over 2000', the climate in Asheville is definitely different from surrounding Southeastern cities. Several towns in Western NC are considerably higher than Asheville - up to 5500' at Beech Mountain - so keep this in mind as elevation is one of the prime factors affecting weather.

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