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Frequently Asked Questions

What is weather by WeatherBug app?

WeatherBug app provides weather forecasts, weather radar and detailed weather data. A while ago every computer owner used to have Weather by WeatherBug for Windows (7,8,10, XP, vista). These days the meteorology bug seems to migrate to the mobile platforms: more than 10 million people have downloaded Weather by WeatherBug Android version.

Is weather by WeatherBug for Mac Worth It?

Moreover, it's multiplatform - including Weather by WeatherBug for Mac - and free of charge. As our Weather by WeatherBug Review shows, It's definitely worth to be on your device.

What are the disadvantages of the WeatherBug app?

Perhaps the biggest drawback of WeatherBug is that its Now page is overloaded with info. And also it could've had more widgets than it has now. At the moment Weather by WeatherBug apk has only two, in which you can at least customize background/text color.

What are the new features of spark?

Know Before with these unique features: NEW Spark Alerts - Unique and beautiful, Spark turns your smartphone into a personal lightning detector. Get real-time, minute-by-minute, mile-by-mile lightning monitoring from the WeatherBug Total Lightning Network.

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