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Frequently Asked Questions

How good are WeatherTech floor mats?

My OEM mats contain the ice, snow and salt just fine, and wear like iron. They have a great velcro-type system for anchoring them to the floor. I had WeatherTech mats in a P/U truck years ago, but they were made of rubber, were very substantial and did not wear out during 10 years of daily use.

How many layers of plastic in BMW all weather mats?

The OEM BMW all weather mats are advertised to be constructed of 3 layers of "plastic". How do they hold up? I have always had very good performance with Weathertech mats in other vehicles.

Are the OEM BMW winter mats any good?

I had the OEM BMW winter mats last winter and in the spring I took them out and there was a thick ring of salt imbedded along the edge which took hours to get out of the black carpet. I purchased OEM BMW floor liners which are a perfect fit and should provide better protection. I believe they are made by weather tech .

How much does weatherweathertech floor protection cost?

WeatherTech Floor Mat Protection FloorLiner Laser Measured for a Perfect Fit $59.95 – $299.85

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