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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the definition of West in geography?

Definition of west (Entry 3 of 7) 1a : the general direction of sunset : the direction to the left of one facing north. b : the compass point directly opposite to east. 2 capitalized. a : regions or countries lying to the west of a specified or implied point of orientation.

What is the West v California case?

West was a California Supreme Court ruling back in 1970 (3 Cal.3d 595) wherein the issue was the legal status of a plea bargain. West was charged with the possession of marijuana, a violation of Health and Safety Code § 11530. The marijuana was found in his car.

How do you use West in a sentence?

Adverb They drove west after they got off the highway. They live just west of here. Adjective cities on the west coast Noun There's a beautiful pond to the west of the trail.

Was Kanye West sentenced as a misdemeanant for 11557?

In West’s case, since he pled to 11557 and had no prior narcotic convictions, the court sentenced him as a misdemeanant. Indeed, this was the purpose and goal of the plea bargain for West.

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