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What is another word for Heathen?

The synonyms of “Heathen” are: gentile, infidel, pagan, idolater, idolatress, philistine, boor, oaf, ignoramus, lout, yahoo, vulgarian, plebeian, ethnic, heathenish, idolatrous Heathen as a Noun Definitions of "Heathen" as a noun

What does heathenize mean?

What does heathenize mean? To make or become heathen. (verb)

What is another word for Heathens?

heathen; heretic; iconoclast; idolater; idolist; infidel; paganist; pantheist; polytheist; scoffer; skeptic; unbeliever

What is the plural of heathen?

heathen ( plural heathens or heathen) A person who does not follow a Christian religion; a pagan . V. Knox. If it is no more than a moral discourse, he may preach it and they may hear it, and yet both continue unconverted heathens. 1930, H. E. Bolton, Anza's California expeditions (volume 1, page 403)

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