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Frequently Asked Questions

What is impermanent loss in liquidity?

Impermanent loss means that the total asset value at the time of withdrawal (end of liquidity provision) is lower than the value of the deposit. Knowing that it may suffer impermanence losses, why do liquidity providers still provide liquidity? This is because impermanent losses can (usually) be offset by LP rewards.

How to reduce the impact of impermanent loss?

This can also reduce the impact of impermanent loss depending on the weights in the pool. The higher the weight of a token in the pool, the lesser the difference between holding the token and providing liquidity in the token becomes. Another way of fighting with impermanent loss was recently introduced by Bancor.

What is impermanent loss in DEFI protocols?

Impermanent loss is a unique risk involved with providing liquidity to dual-asset pools in DeFi protocols. It is the difference in value between depositing 2 cryptocurrency assets within an Automated Market Maker-based liquidity pool or simply holding them in a cryptocurrency wallet.

What is impermanent loss in cryptocurrency?

The impermanent loss is $17.17. In a volatile marketplace, impermanent loss is almost guaranteed when staking cryptocurrency assets within a standard liquidity pool. Exchange prices are always going to move. However, there are ways that the effects of impermanent loss can be mitigated.

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