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Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do with my learnpro account?

You should provide true, accurate and complete registration information and also maintain the accuracy of this information. You will be responsible for all activities occurring under your account and for keeping your password securely excluding activity that may be undertaken by an authorised LearnPro administrator.

What is the learnpro community learning content management system?

The learnPro Community Learning Content Management System (LCMS) aims to provide access to e-learning courses created by the NHS to other specialist groups and organisations such as Care Homes, Charities, Education Providers and other organisations within the community across Scotland.

Who owns the content within learnpro NHS?

The contents within learnPro NHS includes both content owned or controlled by learnPro, and content owned or controlled by third parties and licensed to the Organisations. You are authorised to only view the material you have been authorised to access by your line manager or organisation for your personal, non-commercial use.

What is Proactive learning and why is it important?

That’s why “proactive learning” is the first key building block for developing critical thinking skills. If you want to be really smart, act like you don’t know anything and go from there. That’s the first step to proactive learning: Keep an open mind.

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