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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of sheathing on a house?

Sheathing serves several purposes: It protects against the elements, provides a foundation for materials like roofing, siding, and flooring, and fortifies the structure against internal and external forces. There are several different types of sheathing: exterior wall, floor, and roof.

What are the top 5 exterior wall sheathing options?

Structural sheathing gives a home or commercial building integrity and rigidity. It provides a surface for the application of materials, like siding, and helps shield a structure from rain, snow, wind, etc. Five common structural exterior sheathing options include wood-based, gypsum, glass mat, cement board, and Barricade® Thermo-Brace®.

How much does sheathing cost?

OSB costs roughly $6 a sheet of 4 x 8 sheathing. It can be installed at a rate of roughly 75sq.ft. an hour by a skilled contractor, for an installation cost of roughly $490 for 500sq.ft. and a material cost of $100 for 500sq.ft., for a total of $590, professionally installed, or $100 for a DIY installation.

How is sheathing installed?

To get the most from installing foam board as sheathing, most contractors apply it directly over the OSB or plywood and then fasten the siding through it. Using a combination of wood panel and foam gives you better thermal protection (higher initial cost but more energy savings over time) and an adequate form of bracing from stud to stud.

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