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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I download Windows updates?

All downloaders are located in the Microsoft Download Center. You can complete the download process through these steps. Select Start > Control Panel > System and Security > Windows Update. In the Windows Update window, select either important updates are available or optional updates are available.

How do I remove Windows Update Assistant?

Although the Windows Update Assistant can't be uninstalled, you can disable it. Follow these steps: Type Task Scheduler and in the search box and hit Enter. In the left pane, navigate to: Windows - Update Orchestrater Double click Update Assistant. Click on Triggers tab.

How do I update Microsoft Windows Update?

In Windows 10, Windows Update is found within Settings. First, tap or click on the Start menu, followed by Settings. Once there, choose Update & security, followed by Windows Update on the left. Check for new Windows 10 updates by tapping or clicking on the Check for updates button.

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