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Frequently Asked Questions

What does WVEC stand for?

/  36.81667°N 76.46806°W  / 36.81667; -76.46806 WVEC, virtual channel 13 ( VHF digital channel 11), is an ABC - affiliated television station licensed to Hampton, Virginia, United States, serving the Hampton Roads area of southeastern Virginia and the Outer Banks region of northeastern North Carolina.

What channel is WVEC on ABC?

13 News Now with its callsign as WVEC is an ABC-affiliated TV channel, giving its services in Hampton Roads, southeastern Virginia since 1953. It served areas include cities such as Portsmouth, Newport News, Norfolk, environs, and Hampton. Moreover, the brand name of the television station is 13 News Now, while its call sign is WVEC.

Who is the owner of WVEC?

It was signed on by Peninsula Broadcasting Corporation, co-owned by Hampton businessman Thomas P. Chisman and several other stockholders, along with WVEC radio (1490 AM, now WXTG; and 101.3 FM, now WWDE-FM ). The station switched its affiliations to ABC in 1959, when WAVY-TV (channel 10) took the NBC affiliation two years after signing on.

What is the WVEC channel 13 in Norfolk VA?

WVEC is the ABC affiliate television station for the Hampton Roads area of Virginia, which includes Norfolk, Portsmouth, Newport News, and the surrounding area. It is. WVEC Channel 13 in Norfolk (Virginia) is the next upcoming star in the leaked home video department.

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