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Frequently Asked Questions

What is yes?

Definition of yes. 1 —used as a function word to express assent or agreement are you ready? Yes, I am.

Who is the founder member of Yes? ^ "TONY KAYE, founder member of YES is Special Guest for the band's 2018 #YES50 50th Anniversary". Yes' official facebook. 1 November 2017.

Why is Yes West called Yes West?

The new album marked a radical change in style as the revived Yes had adopted a pop rock sound that showed little of their progressive roots. This incarnation of the band has sometimes been informally referred to as "Yes-West", reflecting the band's new base in Los Angeles rather than London.

What is the opposite of Yes?

Synonyms & Antonyms for yes. Synonyms: Adverb. all right, alright, aye (also ay), exactly, OK (or okay), okeydoke (or okeydokey), yea, yeah, yep, yo. Synonyms: Noun. affirmative, yea. Antonyms: Adverb. nay, no, no way, scarcely. Antonyms: Noun.

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