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Frequently Asked Questions

Does the city of Ypsilanti issue building permits?

The Building Department issues all building permits within the limits of the City of Ypsilanti. It is important to secure a building permit to ensure that your project is structurally sound and complies with building and zoning codes. The Building Department has 10 working days to review permit applications.

Where can I find the Code of ordinances in Ypsilanti?

Ypsilanti Township's Code of Ordinances may be viewed using Municode. Municode's website includes a search engine to easily find specific sections. Please enter your contact information if you wish for a response.

How do I get a permit for a driveway in Ypsilanti?

Please contact the Washtenaw County Road Commission (most roads in Ypsilanti Township), Michigan Department of Transportation (Ecorse Road, East Michigan Avenue, I-94, Washtenaw Avenue, and West Michigan south of I-94), or Wayne County Road Commission (sections of Rawsonville Road) regarding driveway approaches for separate permit.

What kind of repairs can I do in my Ypsilanti Township home?

Replacement of existing fixtures (cabinets, counters, flooring, painting, awnings attached to the home, plumbing fixtures, electrical fixtures, switches, and outlets. Ypsilanti Township strongly recommends that electrical installation and repairs be performed by State of Michigan licensed electrical contractors.

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