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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Infiniti zedro notorious?

Zedro Motors builds a custom body for the Infiniti bones, and flavors range from mild to wild. Say hello to the Zedro Notorious. Yes, that’s the proper name for this rather chunky machine but if the name – or the automaker – are unfamiliar to you, don’t worry.

What is the new zenzedro brand?

Zedro is a new Lebanese company based in the UAE that, per its website, has a goal to “create a comfortable, convenient, and reliable exotic car.”

What if I don't like the zedro body style?

Hell, if you don’t like the bodystyle or have a design of your own in mind, Zedro will sit you down with their chief designer, and draw out something a little more to your tastes. The actual body that you see above “takes inspiration from multiple companies and brands that we really like" a Zedro spokesperson told TG.

What makes a zedro car so good?

The base car gets a body made from fibreglass, while further up the Zedro food chain you get carbon fibre. It’s bolted over an Infiniti Q40 chassis and engine, replete with a twin-turbo V6 underneath. “It’s extremely reliable,” Zedro told us, “and that makes it cheap to maintain.”

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