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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the name alchamist mean?

Noun 1. alchemist- one who was versed in the practice of alchemy and who sought an elixir of life and a panacea and an alkahest and the philosopher's stone intellectual, intellect- a person who uses the mind creatively

What are facts about alchemy?

41 Dark Facts About Medieval Alchemy One Man's Bodily Waste Is Another Man's Treasure The Decline and Fall of the Alchemical Empire The mid-18th century was the beginning of the end for alchemy. ... The Secret Ingredient Is...You Don't Want to Know Trevisan's alchemical attempts in the mid-1400s led him to pursue a variety of strange recipes. ... More items...

What does alchemy mean spiritually?

While physical alchemy is concerned with altering and transforming the properties within matter, spiritual alchemy is concerned with freeing your spiritual self which is trapped within you by the unrefined parts of yourself (e.g. your fears, personal beliefs, self-loathing, etc.).

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