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Frequently Asked Questions

How to subscribe to a function in angular?

Similarly, we subscribe to that function if we have any function we want to observe on an Angular application. Whenever any change is made on that function, we can see the change using the subscribe () method. Subscribe () takes three methods as a parameter: next, error, and complete.

How to handle errors in angular?

One traditional way of handling errors in Angular is to provide an ErrorHandler class. This class can be extended to create your own global error handler. This is also a useful way to handle all errors that occur, but is mostly useful for tracking error logs. For reference, you can check our tutorial on how to use ErrorHandler in Angular 2+.

What are observables in angular?

Because of these advantages, observables are used extensively within Angular, and for application development as well. As a publisher, you create an Observable instance that defines a subscriber function. This is the function that is executed when a consumer calls the subscribe () method.

How to subscribe to observables?

You can subscribe to the observables by calling the subscribe () method of the instance and passing an observer object to receive the notifications. myObservable.subscribe ( x => console.log ('Observer got a next value: ' + x), err => console.error ('Observer got an error: ' + err), () => console.log ('Observer got a complete notification') );

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