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Frequently Asked Questions

How to manually update Avira Antivirus to the latest virus definitions?

Connect the data carrier to the computer without internet access Open the "Avira Control Center" via the Avira icon in the taskbar Click in the menu bar Update → Manual update, select the file from the connected data carrier and click Open Avira Antivirus updates automatically the latest virus definitions

Why choose Avira Internet Security?

Internet Security updates all your software, apps and drivers automatically (if you choose) for complete peace of mind. Made in Germany. Trusted by millions. “Using Avira internet security as a person who has an it security company for years now.. It’s completely reliable !!!! It is 100% recommended !”

How to check for outdated drivers in Avira?

Click the Avira icon in the system tray to open the Avira user interface. 2. Click Performance in the left menu. 3. Click the function Driver updater. 4. Click Scan to search for outdated drivers. Once the scan is complete, all the outdated drivers will be displayed.

How do I update Avira VDF?

RUN THE AVIRA UPDATE GENERATOR. Double click on fusebundle.exe and wait for the fuse bundle archive (the Avira VDF update, engine and control files) to be generated. A new Install folder will also be created; this is where you can save INITIATE THE AVIRA ANTIVIRUS UPDATE.

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