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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning of bivouac in English?

Meaning of “bivouac” in the English Dictionary. "bivouac" in English. › a temporary shelter or camp for sleeping in outside, that is not a tent: The children made a bivouac at the bottom of the garden with some poles and an old blanket.

What is the etymology of the word BIVAC?

Etymology. Formerly bivoie, biouac, bivac, from Alemannic German beiwacht, biwacht (“a patrol of citizens added to in time of alarm or commotion to the regular town watch”), from bi, bei (“by”) + * wacht (“watch, guard”). More at bivouac .

What is the origin of the word “bivacation”?

According to OED not a common word in English before the Napoleonic Wars. Italian bivacco is from French. As a verb, 1809, "to post troops in the night;" meaning "camp out-of-doors without tents" is from 1814.

What is the meaning of abivouac?

bivouac - temporary living quarters specially built by the army for soldiers; "wherever he went in the camp the men were grumbling" camp, cantonment, encampment campground, camping area, camping ground, camping site, campsite, encampment camp, camp out, encamp, tent

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